Getting More From Your New Contract

Unbelievably, it’s over two years since we last updated the website, and it was actually changing my phone that reminded me that it had been such a long time. As with most good ideas, I started out with a lot of enthusiasm when I started this mobile phone site, but after a couple of pages went live, things soon turned to procrastination!

Some things haven’t changed at all since we last posted, such as the deals available from the various networks remaining broadly the same, and that is evident from that two year gap since we last spoke – 24 month contracts are still very much the norm if you want a new phone as part of the deal.

What has evolved though, is just how much you can get in value as a freebie or cash back. We’ve touched on redemption style cash back deals before, which we’re not a great fan of simply because it’s so easy to forget to send the voucher at the right time, and after all they’re designed to be hard to get right, so the company can retain as much commission as possible on their sales.

Now though, you can get hundreds of pounds worth of freebies as a reward for taking out a new contract. For example, if you love gaming, companies offer consoles such as an XBox, Playstation or Wii U if you take out high end contracts like those on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Of course, you’re paying for them indirectly as part of your contract, but you can’t simply get the money off your monthly airtime fee. The deals don’t stop there though, we’ve recently seen holiday vouchers and even a 2016 coffee machine best buy (you can see how great it is too in this Barista Express review at We all love coffee don’t we? So why wouldn’t you opt for a bean to cup coffee machine as a freebie if it’s worth over £500?

Whether you love a caffeine hit, or to spend a couple of hours with Mario, make sure that you get a great deal on your new phone. It’s now common to spend in excess of £65 a month on the latest handsets, and that will last at least 2 years in most cases – that means you’ll be shelling out over £1,500 – that’s why they can afford to buy you a luxury gift when you sign up! Let us know which choice you’re tempted by – if it’s the coffee machine, we’re more than happy to come and help you celebrate with a fresh brew!